Thursday, February 13, 2014

Precious Baby Girl 💕

Everytime I watch my daughter sleep I get so many mixed emotions. I wanna cry but at the same time I just wanna grab her and kiss her and hold her. I can't believe that someone so little changed my life so much. I think to myself how did I even survive without her before. I can't stand being away from her and since the day she has been born I've never gone a day without seeing her. I feel so bad for kids who don't get the love and parenting they need at home and I just think how could someone not want to love their child and care for them and cuddle them. I couldn't stand not doing any of these with my daughter. She is so gorgeous and growing right before my eyes. I'm honestly one blessed mommy and couldn't ask for a better daughter. I love you Kaylynn Elizabeth! ❤️ 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Our snow Day! :)

Our snow day was a great success. Of course Matt and I spent the day with our beautiful daughter Kaylynn. We watched cartoons and lifetime and also did tummy time! (Which she is seeming to like a little more) :) we try to do it every day just like reading to her and working on other stuff with her. Even though she is so young we try to teach her.  
Our house was like 200 degrees today! (I'm over exaggerating!) but we let her lounge around in her diaper and I lounged around and my shorts and a tshirt. We were very comfortable! :) to finish up our snowy day we made some cookies and played some board games with Matts brother! 

Now it's the end of our snowy day (it's actually 1:54 AM the next day) good thing I don't have to work tomorrow! Well... It's a 4 hour delay and if you can make it to work they would appreciate it but I am snowed in!! so I'm going to go cuddle with my princess while she peacefully sleeps and I fall asleep and spend tomorrow with her again! :) 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Our snowy NIGHT ❄️

I put an emphasis on night because have not reached our snow day yet! We were snowed in the house all night which is rather unusual for me because I usually enjoy to go tanning or run to the store to get something to bake. But with this much snow who wants to go anywhere? 
12 inches!! And still coming down pretty  good! Work got cancled for tomorrow due to all the snow and wind and negatative temperatures. Which is ok with me just means another day with my favorites!! Here are some pictures of our night I'll have more on our snow DAY tomorrow. :) 

My first blog :)

Whew! Now that I have finally kinda figured this blog thing out I guess I'll start! :)  Honestly I don't know the first thing about blogging my soon to be sister-in-law said I should give it a whirl and after reading all of hers I figured... Hmm looks fun I'll give it a try!  As my first blog I'll start off by telling a little about myself!
- I have a gorgeous daughter Kaylynn Elizabeth Holmes

- I''m engaged to her  daddy Matthew Ryan Holmes

We are set to get married September 12, 2015
- I work full time at AWC
- I plan to go back to college in the fall and would love to get my Human Resource degree
-I was born on March 24 which is also my grandpa and my all time favorite football player Peyton Mannings birthday! :)

I would say this is good for my first blog! Everyone stay safe we are about to get some dangerous snowy weather! ⛄️❄️


Welcome Baby K, ❤️

A lot of my blogs will be about my daughter after all my world does revolve around her! :) Kaylynn was born on Septemeber 26. One day before my grandmas birthday even though her due date was on my grandmas birthday which is neat because I was born on my grandpas birthday.  After 16 long, long hours of labor I finally welcomed my 8 pound 12 ounce baby girl into this world.
We had many visitors 
After three long days in the hospital we were finally released to come home! 
It has been amazing being a mommy although crazy hectic at times and lack of sleep it has been wonderful and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Here she is today. Happy. Healthy. Loved by many.